Zero waste and organic, the best of both worlds

Ranobo Pick & Mix has been around since 2018. A successful formula allowing the customer to mix and match our products. From 2022, only the Ranobo Bio range will be available with the pick & mix formula. Ecological & organic, a nice win-win.

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An environmentally conscious shopping experience and a balanced range of organic nuts and dried fruits: the ideal match for an update of the Ranobo Pick & Mix concept.

With Pick & Mix BIO, Ranobo is taking the next step towards sustainable retail concepts. In addition to our packaged products, we see a growth in the demand for bulk supply. When shopping, consumers are taking the environment and the products themselves more into account these days. Not only the price but also the origin and quantity play an increasingly important role. With Pick & Mix Bio, we guarantee the Ranobo customer certified organic quality and the customer only pays for what they need.

Moreover, the blending of these concepts is the result of continuous evaluation and dialogue with our customers. A typical example of our Ranobo way of working.

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