The fauna and flora at Ranobo

Anyone who has already passed our premises in Turnhout, may remember our green façade. A vertical garden full of native plants that contribute to biodiversity in the region. Recently we added some residents…

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Not only do we sell natural products at Ranobo, we are also really concerned about our environment and how we can contribute to it in a positive way. Our green façade is an excellent example of this approach.

When Jorge, a Ranobo employee, shared that he was a beekeeper, a new project was born. Shortly after, Jorge installed his own beehives in Ranobo’s garden. Now there are three hives housing over 150,000 bees. This year we harvest our only real Ranobo honey for the second time.

The bees in Turnhout got some neighbours recently: The chickens Kwik, Kwek & Kwak. In exchange for fresh eggs, they feast on product waste from production and get the leftovers after lunch.

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