Ranobo goes even greener

Right from the start, the green block bottom bag has been typically Ranobo. At installations in the supermarket, all the bags together are called ‘the green wall’. In 2020, we took that idea one step further: we had the entire facade of our building converted into a vertical garden.

Nieuws image

But the project goes much further: by working together with Blenders as an ecological consulting company, a green facade was designed that blends in completely with the local flora. By choosing only indigenous plants, our facade contributes to the biodiversity of the region: gorse, chain fern, rockcap fern and many more. We are very proud of this project that could only be realised with the support of the Flemish government.

The other plantings around the Ranobo buildings were also designed following the same idea. Again, 100% indigenous species were chosen for the grasslands, heathlands and wood edges. For the latter, nuts, berries and fruit were chosen, because they refer to the essence of Ranobo: a passionate distributor of nuts and dried fruits.

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