wasabi mix


Quantity 200g

EAN code 5420036401070

Article code 182710

Bakje 1L

Quantity 550g

EAN code 5420036405771

Article code 827100

Ranobo Wasabi mix is, just like our Exotica mix, a peanut-based mixture with both sweet and salty products. So it is not really a classic mix.
The peanuts are not only seasoned with salt, but also with an extra pinch of wasabi spices.
Aside from wasabi, the jumbo raisins are the main ingredient in this mix: these juicy raisins taste great with the peanuts.
Would you like to serve something special for your next aperitif moment? Then our Wasabi mix is for you!


Non EU

Allergens (contains)

Gluten Peanut Soya Celery Mustard

Allergens (may contain traces of)

Milk Sesame seed

Nutritional values



MVPolyunsaturated fats





Added sugar



Dietary fibres4,46g

Energy value1962 kJ - 469 Kcal

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