The Peanut kit – tex mex

The peanut kit

Quantity 3 x 1000g

EAN code 5420036416623

Article code 290310

The Peanut kit has been specifically developed for Ranobo’s Food Service customers. With this simple and easy kit, we want to give the peanut its true value as a snack. Every detail has been carefully thought out. As a professional customer, you can prepare a delicious snack in no time that will make every guest crave for more.
Hola! Qué tal? This Mexican spice instantly reminds you of a sunny day. The rich flavors of cheese and paprika give the jumbo peanuts that instant Latin-American touch. Our tip for a golden combination: Tex Mex with a bittersweet aperitif or fruit drink.



Allergens (contains)

Peanut Milk

Nutritional values



MVPolyunsaturated fats





Added sugar



Dietary fibres6,20g

Energy value2912 kJ - 697 Kcal

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