pine nuts (950)


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Pine nuts are seeds of a pine tree. There are more than 100 varieties. Only twenty of these are harvested for consumption. Ranobo always uses pine nuts of Chinese origin. These have a truly distinctive flavor and have the best price/quality ratio.
Despite our efforts to offer the best quality at a competitive price, pine nuts can be quite expensive. This is due to the complicated, imposed process to obtain high-quality pine nuts. First, the ripe pine cones have to be collected (between April and October, depending on the variety and region), then they have to be dried in order to shake out the seeds. Then you have a seed with a bark. Once this is cracked and cleaned up, you get the pine seeds as we know them. After that, they are sorted into different sizes.
Ranobo always chooses a large size. They have a bite and taste great in your dishes!
It is best to roast pine nuts before using them. It is recommended to do this in the oven. If you roast them in a pan, shaking them regularly is the best advice (these seeds burn very quickly). As a result of the roasting the flavor is greatly enhanced: a full oily nut taste with hints of resin.
In preparations they are used often in pesto and beef carpaccio. Pine nuts can also be used to make a delicious crumble or they can be mixed in salsas to add flavor!



Allergens (may contain traces of)

Peanut Milk Sesame seed

Nutritional values



MVPolyunsaturated fats





Added sugar



Dietary fibres0,80g

Energy value2532 kJ - 611 Kcal

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