Japanese mix


Quantity 125g

EAN code 5420036400370

Article code 181910

Bakje 1L

Quantity 350g

EAN code 5420036401537

Article code 819100

This Japanese mix is a house blend consisting of Japanese rice crackers and Japanese balls of the highest quality. It is a diverse mixture that has become a fixed value in our range.
What you will notice right away, aside from the delicious taste, is that there are very few small pieces at the bottom of the packaging. Small pieces are not pleasant to eat. Because of the frail structure of this product, it is an extremely fragile article. At Ranobo, everything is packed with the greatest care, because we want everything to stay intact. This way, you can enjoy this delicious oriental mix right to the bottom of the bag.


Non EU

Allergens (contains)

Gluten Peanut Soya Sesame seed

Allergens (may contain traces of)


Nutritional values



MVPolyunsaturated fats





Added sugar



Dietary fibres2,37g

Energy value1671 kJ - 395 Kcal

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