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Pick and mix refill

Quantity 2500g

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Quantity 200g

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Bakje 1L

Quantity 500g

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Year after year, the cashew nut becomes more popular. Cashew nuts are very versatile. They are a tasty addition to wok dishes or to a pesto, but they are also delicious in muesli! This is because they are soft, crunchy and super healthy.
If you have a sweeth tooth: in the Ranobo chocolate mix you will find cashew nuts with a delicious chocolate coating.
Cashew nuts contain a lot of minerals. With only 50g of cashews a day, you can avoid a shortage of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, manganese and copper. Cashews also contain all the vitamins of the B complex.
The cashew nut is a very healthy natural nut, which is often called a “superfood”.



Allergens (contains)


Allergens (may contain traces of)

Peanut Sesame seed

Nutritional values



MVPolyunsaturated fats





Added sugar



Dietary fibres3,80g

Energy value2554 kJ - 616 Kcal

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