Roast your own tasty peanuts

The Peanut Kit by Ranobo has only one mission: to put an end to the unjustified image of the peanut as a second-rate snack. No hassle, no fuss. With this box you will impress your guests with freshly roasted jumbo peanuts, topped with a well-balanced spice mix. Together we are putting the peanut back on the map.




Exploring Curry Panang

Take your guests on a colorful and savory journey to the Far East. The name Curry Panang comes from a famous Thai dish with red curry, coconut, cream, spices and peanuts. This mix pairs well with lager and citrus-based cocktails or mocktails.

The Sea Salt sensation

This is the classic among the classics and therefore The Sea Salt Sensation had to be part of The Peanut Kit. Because of the extra fine sea salt, you will taste the peanut in its purest form. You can serve this with many sorts of drinks but it is beyond perfect with a blond beer or a glass of wine.

Tex Mex vibes all over the place

Hola! Qué tal? This Mexican spice instantly reminds you of a sunny day. The rich flavors of cheese and paprika give the jumbo peanuts that instant Latin-American touch. Our tip for a golden combination: Tex Mex with a bittersweet aperitif or fruit drink.

You give me Smokehouse fever

You will feel like you’re in the Wild West with the Smokehouse mix from The Peanut Kit. You’ll be amazed because smoky herbs and peanuts are a great combination. Serve this smoky mix with spirits and dark beers.

Discover the full story of The Peanut Kit

Make the peanut great again

Ranobo is known for supplying the freshest nuts, dried fruits and rice crackers for 25 years. With The Peanut Kit we are spicing things up a bit, both literally and figuratively. You can now whip up a tasty bite yourself with our super fresh jumbo peanuts. In a few simple steps you will impress your guests with an appetizer or little snack that will make them crave for more. Together we are putting the peanut back on the map. Fun to prepare, fun to share.

Let’s get this peanut party started

The Peanut Kit was designed especially for catering businesses that like to be authentic and surprising. Easy to prepare, both in the oven and in the fryer. Important: after roasting the peanuts, let them cool for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Praise the peanut in no time

When developing The Peanut Kit, we focused on the preparation time. The peanuts and spices are perfectly dosed to make your preparation super easy. The box is coated so that you can use it to cool down the nuts. Each package includes a clear step-by-step plan. It’s peanuts!

Specific questions about The Peanut Kit?

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