Surprisingly sweet, it’s all in the small things

We offer you some very tempting products to treat yourself during a coffee break, afternoon tea or as a dessert… With our quality classics such as chocolate raisins and chocolate hazelnuts, and of course our unique preparations such as cappuccino rice balls, yoghurt blueberry and chocolate almond limoncello.

We love to innovate for you

Many of our products are coated with chocolate – with real Belgian chocolate of course – caramelized or panned. Our plan is to create more of these innovative products in our own workshop. We’ve invested in a machine so that we can experiment and work with sugar ourselves.

Experimenting pays off

You can use our sweets to create a surprising main course. The combination of sweet and savory is a trend that asks for the right balance. At Ranobo, we know how it works.

Take a look at our broad range of sweet products

Many great possibilities

Caramelized sugar is very fragile and you will always find some sugar grit at the bottom of the packet. You can use this as a crumble on a savory dish or sprinkle it all over a dessert.

Savory meals with a touch of sweetness

The sweet products of Ranobo are great to give a twist to your savory meals. Top off your creations with crunchy, sugared nuts like pecans or peanuts. Here for example, caramelized pecans were used in a lovely fish dish with zander fillet.

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