Welcoming and elegant, it’s all in the small things

The right snacks and creative appetizers can make the difference in your business. With Ranobo you never just put a snack next to a drink. You can surprise your customers over and over again with our rice, corn and grain crackers, salted nuts and vegetable chips. Pure and simple but with endless creativity.

Paprika Mix

The new and improved recipe of our Paprika Mix is already many people’s favorite mix. Slightly spicy and very inviting to keep on snacking.

Mexican Wave

Ranobo Mexican Wave owes its name to the distinctive tex-mex cheese flavor. It is a fun and budget-friendly variation within our range and many people’s favorite.

Japanse Mix

Classic oriental rice crackers with the distinctive flavors of soy and sesame – we are talking about our Japanese Crackers. The perfect company for a glass of wine.

Wasabi Mix

Spicy, salty and sweet? Are you sure they go well together? Yes they do! Our wasabi mix is an absolute hit in the better brasseries and is a fixed value within our Ranobo assortment.

Lounge Mix

For your laid back snacking, without being showy, we have the Ranobo Lounge Mix. A simple but successful combination of four tasty ingredients, for that instant relaxing moment.

Hot Mix

It’s all in the name. The Ranobo Hot Mix tastes nice and spicy due to a nice balance of all kinds of spicy stuff, like wasabi and chilli. It’s the perfect company for a refreshing drink and for many cocktails.

Taverne Mix

The Ranobo Tavern Mix combines a lot of ingredients and is extra surprising. A price-conscious and very accessible topper.

El Dorado Mix

A combination of pepper and cheese flavors that is worth its weight in gold. Nobody can resist the El Dorado Mix. Certainly not when you are sitting on a sunny terrace.

Horeca Mix

The fresh Ranobo Catering Mix is a classic bar mix. We put all the right ingredients together to enjoy a tasty snack at any moment with a beer, wine, cocktail or soft drink.

Curry Mix

The Ranobo Curry Mix is a new mix, but it is already a winner. We made this particularly tasty mix based on curry spices. It goes well with blond beer.

Find out everything about our snacking products

Our handy 5-litre box

The chunky 5-litre box from Ranobo was specifically designed for our snacking products: compact, conveniently stackable and filled with the ideal quantity for regular variation. Both with the individual products as with the mixes.

Sometimes it’s in the big things: our 9-litre box

The sturdy Ranobo 9-litre box is the big brother of our aperitif products. Yet it is compact and convenient. Good reason one: it makes your work easier and it looks more discrete. Two: the mixes and the popular products remain super fresh.

Would you like to taste our products?

Various chips from fruit and vegetables

Our vegetable and fruit chips contain less fat and salt or sugar than other brands. Because of the vacuum baking process, the super crispy thick slices keep their original flavor and color. We also succeed in transforming bell peppers completely into delicious chips.

Pair snacks with spicy cocktails

Turn a Bloody Mary into a real experience for all senses by pairing it with spicy crackers.

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