Enjoy baking and garnishing, it’s all in the small things

They are the smallest products that we have at Ranobo, but they are not to be underestimated. Our pits, seeds and bakery products can be part of the basis of a dish or they can be the finishing touch. They make your preparations more elegant and with a fuller-bodied flavor. Our huge range consists of various types and products and can be broken, sliced or ground into flour.

Every detail counts in the kitchen

Do you want some extra baking pleasure, a natural improvement of the flavors or a nice finishing touch? Ranobo has the knowledge, enthusiasm and finesse and is happy to help. In our worldwide selection of the best seeds and pits, we focus on taste, size, color and texture.

Plenty of fresh natural ingredients

Always use top quality from the latest harvest in your dishes. We support your culinary creativity with the best sunflower, pumpkin, chia and hemp seeds, the tastiest sesame seeds and the best pine nuts. We provide gluten-free alternatives like almond flour and coconut flour, and much more. Our healthy range is still growing every day.

Explore our pits, seeds and baking products

The umami effect

Toast some sunflower seeds or sesame seeds in a pan. Then put them in an oven dish and cover them completely with soy sauce.

Bake your own nut bread with seeds and pits

Nuts are the perfect ingredient for preparing various doughs. Not only whole nuts but also nut flours. Combine our ready-to-use almond or hazelnut flour with seeds and pits to your heart’s content, and you will come up with some surprising baked goods.

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