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Delicious, fresh nuts are a surprising and healthy surplus to various preparations. At Ranobo, we select the tastiest and most beautiful almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, Brazil nuts, macadamias … We bring the latest harvest from our dedicated growers to your kitchen or workshop. Pure, natural and affordable.

Selected with the utmost care

Every entrepreneur in the food industry can rely on Ranobo as a professional partner. From the infinite offer of nuts in the world, we select exactly the right quality for our customers. We use all our knowledge about harvests, varieties and market developments to give you the best quality.

Pure products

Nuts are natural products. Various trees and crops reproduce through nuts. Being able to taste the power of nature in its essence is a privilege. Something to be very grateful for.

Delicious home-made mixes

Are you looking for a ready-made nut mix? With or without dried fruit? We test our recipes until we have the ideal blend. In terms of flavor, texture and appearance.

Do you need detailed information?

The power of macadamia

The macadamia nut is one of the tastiest nuts and there is a lot to tell about it. For example, it is the favorite snack of the macaw parrot. And it takes more than 300 kilograms of pressure per square centimetre to crack a macademia nut.

Finger licking good hazelnut mousse

Hazelnuts are traditionally used in chocolate spread and in desserts. Hazelnuts and caramel make a great combination. Discover the secret of this delicious mousse and of that big smile on your guests’ faces.

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