The added value of fruit, it’s all in the small things

Dried fruits are a treasure of flavors and possibilities. They are easy to process and are elegant details for breakfasts and dessert buffets as well as for sauces, fillings and salads. At Ranobo you can get many fruits in all sorts of variations: whole fruits, cubes, slices, strips …

Fiesta mundial!

What would a cheese platter or a home-made granola or sultana cake be without the rich flavor and natural sweetness of dried fruits? At Ranobo, we look for the most delicious varieties worldwide and we choose the most delicious ones in terms of appearance and size. We bring them to you in all their glory.

Always fruit of the latest harvest

We have a huge range of dried fruits and meticulously apply our golden rules. One: only the harvest of this season qualifies. Two: thanks to our loyal and reliable partners we can offer you the full flavor and a constant quality at the best price. You can be sure of a soft bite, because our dried fruit is not affected by crystallisation.

Explore our dried fruits without any worries

No figs after Easter

Traditionally, fresh figs are not very tasty after Easter. We only supply during the best period.

Surprising with sultanas

Dried fruits do not often play a big or nice role in main courses. We’d like to inspire you with some meat, fish and vegetarian recipes that will add some flavor to your menu. Try for example our recipe for veal piccata à la Florentine.

Any specific questions?

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