Five new flavors for unique moments

We are constantly tasting and comparing because only the best and most surprising nuts, dried fruits and rice crackers qualify for our Tasty Discovery label. A new Ranobo flavor only becomes a Tasty Discovery if it makes a big difference and we think it’s a must try. Discovery is key: every three months our Tasty Discoveries get an update so we can keep on surprising you.

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Heavenly chocolate truffles with pecan nuts

At least four times a year, we launch a new Tasty Discovery at Ranobo. With Tasty Discovery pecan truffle, we added a mouth-watering snack to the range. The delicious pecans are coated with chocolate and topped with cocoa powder.

Divine cappucino flavor

The Ranobo cappucino rice balls have been absolute favorites in our Tasty Discoveries since they were launched. These light balls of puffed rice have got a chocolate topping with cappuccino flavor. The ideal sweet snack to have with your coffee or tea.

Do you prefer something irresistibly hearty?

We also like to add savory variations to our Tasty Discovery range. Our smoked almonds are a great example. These small but delicate almonds have been roasted and seasoned with smoky herbs.

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