Create your own mix with Ranobo Pick and Mix

In addition to the standard Ranobo products, we are happy to offer you the possibility to put together your own mixes with our Pick and Mix concept. Simple and clear with guaranteed freshness and taste.

Pick and mix, have fun choosing and filling ecologically

You just pay at the checkout, you pay a fixed price per weight

Close your cup with the cardboard cover

Fill your cardboard cup with your own unique blend

The only difficulty about our Pick and Mix is choosing

Take your cup and cover

Want to know how our Bulk Bin can boost your sales?

With a lot of attention to hygiene, that goes without saying

We believe it is very important that the Pick and Mix furniture is always ready for use, in a neat and tidy way. We provide our own periodic maintenance to guarantee this.

Constantly developing new things

We installed the first Pick and Mix furniture in 2016. Since then, we’ve already made more than ten adjustments to respond even better to the specific needs of our customers and users. For example, we switched to FSC recycled cups and covers, we now provide an integrated piece of furniture that perfectly matches any store concept, and we expanded our product range.

Do you want a Ranobo Pick and Mix installation in your shop?

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