The on-the-go snack that gives you an extra boost

Our reliable Ranobo quality in a convenient mini-pack that you can take with you to the gym, to work, to school or just to have a little snack on the way home. Bites always fit in your hand and in your schedule. Now you can enjoy Ranobo at any time.

Ranobo Bites on the go snack healthy

The most important assets of our Bites

We had an unique wrapping foil designed for the Bites by Ranobo. Not only to provide them with a nice look, but also to guarantee an extra long freshness. The compact bags open very easily and you can enjoy these two delicious mixes instantly.

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Can you feel the energy between us?

The on-the-go snack that gives you a boost with pure power. This powerful mix consists of no less than 13 different nuts, seeds, pits and super foods. Because of the natural sugars, fibres and vitamins, you will speed up without any effort.

Go for an aloha state of mind

Our exotic Hawaii Mix takes you to a tropical place. This mix of pineapple, coconut, cashews and almonds provides a little wave of tastiness to satisfy your small hunger. A healthy snack, at any time of the day, packed with natural fibre.

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