CEO Gilles cooks for a good cause

What really stands out at Ranobo is that we like people. We take care of our customers as well as our employees. But our heart also goes out to other people. This fall, our CEO Gilles collaborated on a cookbook for the benefit of a few local charities in the Kempen.

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With the cookbook “Zuiderkempens Koken”, Leoclub Mol Geel Zuiderkempen has two main goals. The book wants to encourage you to resist the temptation to shop online and to opt for local and fresh products. The book revolves around 25 main ingredients from local traders. Five chefs from the Kempen, including “our Gilles”, started thinking and together they created 25 dishes.

This book also has a social objective. With the proceeds, the club supports various local initiatives such as the Rebel Club, Cunina, Al-Arm, Ter Kempen, De Boomgaard, Klein Postel, Actie MIN, etc.

Get your copy here.


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