The same Ranobo quality but now even more natural

Nature provides us with the most delicious nuts and fruits. It`s time to give something back. With Ranobo BIO, we consciously opt for organic. Our BIO-certified products, we have more than twenty, are grown with respect and harvested with love. You can now fully enjoy the quality of our products while taking care of our planet.

RanoboBIO Ranobo BIO noten gedroogde vruchten

The best nuts, seeds and mixes

At Ranobo you can choose from the most diverse range of BIO dried fruits, nuts, nut mixes and pits.

Explore the Ranobo BIO products

Plenty of delicious dried fruits, nuts and pits

We‘ve added the most popular classics to our BIO nut range. That is great news for amateur chefs, conscious parents, healthy sports enthusiasts, … Beautifully presented in our convenient, eyecatching and airtight bags with block-bottom.

Dried fruit is fragile. That is why we pack it carefully in solid square half-litre containers. Easily stackable and transparent. You can see immediately what you are buying.

The road to more sustainability

Like many of our customers, we at Ranobo are concerned about the future of our planet. That’s why Ranobo BIO offers reliable quality from a guaranteed BIO-certified production process. We also talk to our suppliers about more sustainable packaging, inks, labels, transport and so on.

At this time, plastic is still the best packaging option for our tropical fruits, in order to guarantee their shelf life and market price. Until there is a suitable alternative, we provide convenient resealable and reusable containers. Ready for a useful second life.

More specific questions?

A genuine Belgian BIO brand

The BIO market is dominated by many foreign brands, especially when it comes to nuts and dried fruits. Ranobo wants to change this. When you buy Ranobo BIO you are not only buying guaranteed BIO products, you are also buying Belgian. And we are very proud of that.

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