Welcome to our Ranobo family

Ranobo has the spirit of a family business, even though founder Jef Peeters and owner Gilles Jeuris do not share the same surname. For both of them, Ranobo is much more than just selling nuts and dried fruits. They want to inspire passionate people to give the best of themselves every day to offer top products and services.

The passion for quality, right down to the smallest detail, is what unites this group. From packing to stock management, from roasting nuts to informing customers. This valuable DNA is in every Ranobo family member and creates sustainable relationships with clients in retail, food service, catering and industry. Ranobo is active in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.

A true specialist in nuts, seeds, pits, crackers and dried fruit for over 25 years

What started in 1994 as a delicatessen store with its own nut counter in Oud-Turnhout, is today a top quality and highly appreciated Belgian wholesale business. Ranobo is growing steadily year after year.

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Update Foodservice products: Better packaging, new horeca mixtures & refreshed branding


Ranobo goes green: a green facade in the Kempen and regional plants


With Ranobo BIO, Ranobo brings an organic product range into the market


A fresh new look for the brand


Ranobo moves to a new office in Turnhout, on a site of 10,000m2


Ranobo starts delivering nationally, with its first own 10 tonne truck


Start of the first fully automatic packaging line


Ranobo becomes a separate brand and moves to a larger location in Gierle


Jef Peeters selling nuts in his gastronomic store in Turnhout

“Making great things with great people, for everyone. We are Ranobo.”

– Gilles Jeuris, CEO

It’s all in the small things

Ranobo wants you to experience wonderful and wondrous moments. Fun, quality, friendliness and respect are all in the small things. Ranobo makes it happen, every day. Our ingredients may be small but they are big in taste, freshness and creativity. They are the garnish and the topping that makes life so much better. While you are enjoying time together, making great memories and discovering new things, Ranobo is always by your side.

Tons of expertise

Nuts, seeds, crackers and dried fruits have become very popular in recent years in both professional and home kitchens. Ranobo specializes in this niche. Due to our years of experience we always select the most qualitative products for you, at correct market prices. Nowhere else in Belgium you will find more expertise than here in Turnhout.

Green is our favorite color

The green block bottom bag is typically Ranobo. From the very beginning. So of course we included it in our rebranding in 2016. And we never forget to be green in our broader social role either. We understand that as a business, we leave an ecological footprint. We try to keep that to a minimum. And we give something back to nature when we can. For example, our entire company site is designed in harmony with nature: only native plants, a green facade and a flower field to provide plenty of pollen for the more than 20,000 bees.

Our team is worth meeting

Ranobo is a company where everybody knows your name. We treat each other in a respectful and friendly manner. We share our small concerns and our big victories. Everyone contributes to our mutual growth story and makes a difference in his or her own way. Honesty, a no-nonsense mentality, humor and a nice family atmosphere. That is the Ranobo DNA.

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