Natural flavors,
it’s all in the small things

For over 25 years, Ranobo has been selecting the best nuts, pits, seeds, crackers and dried fruits, especially for you. Try and enjoy our Belgian craftsmanship and experience flavor in its purest form.

Nature has
something for everyone

In the retail world, Ranobo is known as the most complete and passionate supplier within its range. This is due to fresh products from all over the world, and tailor-made service and advice for each customer. In addition to our wide range in green block bottom bags and compact (stackable) trays, we also offer you our beautiful BIO assortment. And three tastefully designed retail concepts: Tasty Discovery, Pick and Mix and Ranobo Bites.

BIO Pick and Mix by Ranobo

Create your own mix in no time with BIO Pick and Mix by Ranobo. We developed this concept in a way that it benefits nature, the end consumer and the entrepreneur. The principle is simple, clear and easy-to-use: FSC-recycled cups with lid, one price for all organic products and regular maintenance by Ranobo itself. Zero waste and Bio, the best of both worlds.

Tasty discoveries

Ranobo is constantly looking for natural treasures. In our concept Tasty Discoveries, we take you on a discovery trip of new flavors, textures and experiences. This innovative series stimulates the senses and curiosity.

Bites by Ranobo

The on-the-go snack to reach a new audience. With Ranobo Bites, we present you our reliable quality in a convenient mini pack. Choose from two surprising mixes, packed with natural goodies, that give a tasty boost at any time of the day.

Would you like to talk about something in detail?

The best that nature has to offer

Ranobo has one mission: to remain the expert within our niche of nuts, pits, seeds, crackers and dried fruits in the Benelux and maybe even beyond. You won’t find anywhere as much experience, product knowledge and service as with us. And all at correct prices.

Getting started in a surprising way

Nuts, pits, seeds, dried fruit … these are all top ingredients for a lot of culinary pleasure. Because of their refined or naturally sweet taste, but also because of the special nutritional values with which they enhance every meal.

We keep on growing together, it’s all in the small things

We are inspired by passion for our products, innovation, expertise and flexibility. Standing still is not an option. Ranobo is growing every day in its unique no-nonsense way and you can feel that in everything. Keep an eye on our news page for any updates.

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